Fees & Membership

Current Rates
Pass Type Youth
(ages 4-17)
(ages 17-59)
(ages 60+)
Adult Couple
(ages 17-59)
Senior Couple
(ages 60+)
Annual Pass

Resident $185.00 $365.00 $219.00* $625.00 $375.00* $719.00
Non-Resident $229.00 $455.00 $275.00* $779.00 $469.00* $899.00
3-Month Pass

Resident $49.00
$105.00 $59.00 $179.00 $105.00 $199.00
Non-Resident $59.00 $129.00 $75.00 $225.00 $129.00 $249.00
10 Visit Pass

Resident - $39.00 - - - -
Non-Resident - $49.00 - - - -
Daily Admission

Resident $2.25 $4.50 $2.70 - - $10.00
Non-Resident $2.75 $5.50 $3.40 - - $12.00
* If you turn 60 within 3 months of starting an annual pass, you qualify for the senior rate.

Other Details
  • 10-visit punch passes expire 6 months from purchase date.
  • Children 9 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children 3 and under are free.
  • A couple is defined as 2 adults residing at the same physical address.
  • A family is defined as 2 adults and 2 children, ages 4 through 17, residing at the same physical address. Each additional person is $75.
  • A senior couple is defined as 2 seniors residing at the same physical address - both of them age 60 and older.
Corporate Rates
  • Discounts apply to employees of businesses located within the Town limits.
  • Discounts are applied to the relevant resident / non-resident rate.
  • A pay stub or letter from employer is required to validate.
Discounted corporate rate on annual passes or 3-month passes include:
  • 10% discount for 2 to 9 employees purchasing passes
  • 15% discount for 10 to 14 employees purchasing passes
  • 20% discount for 15 or more employees purchasing passes
Daily Admission Fees & Pass Fees
Admission and pass fees include the following activities and services:
  • Access to Mini-Miners indoor playground and Columbine Lounge (ages 60+) are free of charge
  • Belay rides during supervised open climb
  • Designated open gym
  • Drop-in fitness classes
  • KidStation free of charge to all annual pass holders (space is limited)
  • Locker rooms
  • Open swim
  • Other center areas and programs (may require additional fees)
  • Racquetball courts (subject to availability)
  • Running track
  • Specified climbing times
  • Use of the fitness and weight equipment
Reduced Rate Assistance Program
The Town of Erie provides a program for eligible participants, households that qualify are eligible for one membership and two program activities per family at 50% off (within one year of registration).

This reduced rate program is available to all Erie Residents meeting one of the following guidelines:

  • Supplemental Social Security Income (S.S.I. or S.S.D.)
  • W.I.C. Recipients
  • Section 8 or Public Housing
  • Medicaid Recipients
  • Food Stamps
  • Free/Reduced Lunch Program
All applicants 18 years and older MUST provide: 
1) ID (one of these): Colorado Driver’s License 
    Colorado Identification Card 
    U.S. Military Card 
    Native American Tribal document 


2) Must sign the Lawful Presence Affidavit (included in the Reduced Rate Application) 

Please Note: Proof will need to be provided at time of application. 

If you meet one of the above standards, you need to completely fill out the reduced rate application form. Attach a copy the documentation for the category you qualify for and bring it to the Community Center for processing. Applications will not be processed without required documentation copy of identification, or assigned Lawful Presence Affidavit. 

Please note: Medicaid cards will no longer be accepted as proof of Medicaid. If you are a Medicaid recipient, please include documentation from Medicaid stating the eligibility dates for this program.