1. Agenda Center

    View and download Board and Commission agendas and approved meeting minutes.

  2. Archives

    Sort through all archived documents by date.

  3. Budgets

    View complete Town of Erie Budgets for current and previous year.

  4. Open Budget

    The Town of Erie’s easy-to-use financial transparency app “Open Budget” has been updated to include the operating and capital expenses of the Budget. Open Budget not only makes our financial data accessible, it provides a visual snapshot that makes that data easy to understand for everyone.

  5. Code of Ethics

    The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to promote public confidence in town government, to provide guidance to members of the town board of trustees, members of town boards and commissions, and town officers and employees by establishing a code of ethics.

  6. Development Activity

    View new residential and commercial development activity based on current and active applications.

  7. Development Activity Map

    Download and view map of residential neighborhoods.

  8. Development Review Process

    Insight into the review process, submittal requirements, and approval criteria of development applications.

  1. Financial Reports

    View monthly financial reports as prepared by staff for the Board of Trustees.

  2. Oil & Gas Operations

  3. Public Information Request

    As the legal custodian of all public records, the Town Clerk will process all requests for public information. Anyone requesting a report or other document is asked to fill out and submit a Public Records Request Form.

  4. Public Notices

    Stay current on public notices.

  5. Quasi-Judicial FAQs

    Frequently asked questions about Quasi-Judicial Town Board of Trustees Proceedings.

  6. Rumor Mill

    Rumors and misconceptions currently in the Town of Erie.

  7. Watch Meetings

    View videos of Town meetings.